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About Us

At Tint Masters Maui we specialize in providing all of your automotive, commercial, and residential window tinting needs. Our mission is to offer you the highest level of customer service and satisfaction on Maui. We take pride in bringing you the latest in film technology and performance and offer only the highest quality installation by certified master installers. From our Black Pearl high-performance series, to our luxe Carbon XP films, we carry a variety of tint products to target all your concerns. To book an appointment or request a free estimate please contact us at (808) 740-4400 or We are conveniently located in central Maui at 430 Alamaha Street in Kahului.

Tint Quality Commitment and Lifetime Guarantee

Most window tinting companies offer a very limited warranty (1-3 years), a partial warranty (film coverage but make you pay for labor), or none at all. Because we are an authorized dealer of the most stable, highest quality tints in the world, and all our installers are certified, we are able to offer a complete Lifetime Warranty. No peeling, fading, bubbling, cracking, or distortion for life on any of our films. Your professional installs will be guaranteed for life as well, so you can choose Tint Masters Maui with confidence!

Tint Masters Maui is the only tint shop on Maui to use 100% purified RO water for all installations. We use only the best products and state of the art installation methods. We make every effort possible to ensure a quality installation that will last a lifetime.

What is RO water? Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 99% of all tap (hard) water impurities. The result is water that is free of minerals and other contaminants that could cloud your window film. 

The cleanest water = the cleanest tints!

Why Choose 
Tint Masters Maui?

Only the Best Tinting Film
In film selection, there's good, better, and best. We only carry BETTER and BEST for a variety of price points with no compromise on quality. We proudly use Black Pearl Series high-performance film (Better) and Black Pearl Nano Ceramic Infrared (Best) by Madico. Our Nano ceramic line outperforms other films on market with exceptional optical clarity and is the latest and greatest in film technology with up to 90% heat rejection and 99+% UV protection.

Best Warranty

We offer the best warranty in the business. We stand behind our tinting and our work with a lifetime warranty on both our tint and installation.

Certified Master Installers

All our installers are Certified Master Window Film Installers. We recognize that the tinting industry is constantly evolving as new technology develops and we strive to deliver the latest installation methods associated with it.

No Metals or Electronic Interference

Rest assured our high-end tinting film (CXP) will never interfere with electronics like GPS navigation, Bluetooth, OnStar, cellular devices, or satellite radio. No metals or increased electromagnetic wave exposure with our films. Beware of other competitors low-quality metallized films which can put you at increased risk.

Unsurpassed UV protection

Our tints offer the highest UV protection available, blocking out 99%+ of UV rays with an SPF 285+! Reduces glare and protects your eyes, skin, and interior from the sun. Also protects against upholstery fading and cracking.

Free Estimates!

Free estimates and consultations on any auto, residential, or commercial windows. We calculate our quotes by square footage for the most straight-forward and consistent price. 

Never Worry About Tickets!

We make it a point to stay current and knowledgeable with all Auto Tinting Laws in the State of Hawaii. Your safety and lifetime satisfaction are our priority.  

All products made in the U.S.A.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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