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About Us

At Tint Masters Maui, we specialize in providing all of your auto, residential, and commercial window tinting needs. Our mission is to offer you the highest level of quality, customer service, and satisfaction in the tinting industry. We take pride in bringing you the latest in film technology, combining the industry's highest performing products with the island's top certified master installers. From our 3M Crystalline series, to our 3M Ceramic Infrared series, we carry a variety of tinting products to target all of your concerns. As Maui's Authorized 3M Dealer, 3M Prestige Dealer, and Maui's exclusive 3M Crystalline Dealer, we are able to offer you competitive pricing with no middle man. A two-generation family-owned business, we ensure 100% satisfaction; offering a lifetime guarantee on all of our installs. 

To book an appointment or request a free estimate, please contact us at (808) 740-4400, Tu-Sat 7am-5pm. We are conveniently located in Central Maui at 430 Alamaha Street Suite 101 in Kahului. We are behind Mountain Slope Water, adjacent to Kimo's Rental Car and Dairy Road Minit Stop.

Tint Quality Commitment and Lifetime Guarantee

Tint Masters Maui provides the best warranties in the tinting industry, both locally honored and manufacturer backed by 3M.  Because we are an authorized dealer of the most vigorously tested, high-performance films on the market,  we are able to offer you a complete Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty so you can choose Tint Masters Maui with confidence! Many competing tint companies offer no warranty, a limited warranty (1-3 years), or a partial warranty (film coverage but make you pay for labor). We offer the most complete warranty package on island and most importantly will be around for years to come when you need it.

*Depending on your film of choice, warranty timeframes may vary. Our Lifetime Warranty products include 3M Ceramic and 3M Crystalline.

Tint Masters Maui is the only tint shop on Maui to use 100% purified RO water for all installations. We use only the best products and state of the art installation methods. We make every effort possible to ensure a quality installation that will last a lifetime.

What is RO water? Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 99% of all tap (hard) water impurities. The result is water that is free of minerals and other contaminants that could cloud your window film. 

The cleanest water = the cleanest tints!

See our residential tint series 3M Prestige in action:

Learn More about our 3M Prestige series: Ideal for Maximum heat reduction and UV protection for Residential, Commercial, and Business Windows (see Crystalline for auto version):

See a demo of our 3M Crystalline auto tint series in action! Choose Crystalline when you want maximum heat rejection, cooling benefits, and UV protection for your eyes, skin, and leather auto interior:

Learn more about our Top Auto Tint line: 3M Crystalline. Maximum heat rejection, cooling savings, and UV protection for auto windows:

See the difference between our Mid Range series- 3M Color Stable vs our Top Performance series- 3M Crystalline:

Shade/Tint % options: we carry all shades for auto, residential, and commercial windows

Learn More about our 3M Security Series for Residential, Business, or Commercial Windows, exclusively by Tint Masters Maui:

Residential, Business, & Commercial Film Selection 101:

Why Choose 
Tint Masters Maui?

Only the Best Tinting Film
In film selection, there's good (3M Color Stable), better (3M Ceramic IR), and best (3M Crystalline). Our advanced 3M films outperform competitors with exceptional optical clarity, heat rejection, and durability. If you are interested in tinting your business or home, our 3M Prestige 50 series is eligible for the Hawaii Energy Rebate program and has been a favorite amongst local business for its energy saving capabilities. Our 200 layer Crystalline tint series is the latest and greatest in auto film technology with up to 97% heat rejection, 1000% SPF and 99+% UV protection. Learn more on our auto or commercial window tabs.

Best Warranty

We offer the best warranty in the business. We stand behind our tinting and our work with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on both our tint and installation.

Certified Master Installers

Founded by certified master installers, we are a two-generation family owned business who put our name on the line to install the best films with experience and precision. We recognize that the tinting industry is constantly evolving as new technology develops and we strive to deliver the latest installation methods associated with it.

No Metals or Electronic Interference

Rest assured our 3M films will never interfere with electronics like GPS navigation, Bluetooth, OnStar, cellular devices, or satellite radio. No need to worry about metals or increased electromagnetic wave exposure when choosing Tint Masters Maui! Beware of competitors counterfeit products and metallized films.

Unsurpassed UV protection

Our 3M films offer the highest UV protection available in the industry, blocking out up to 97% of heat, up to 93% of glare, 99% UV protection, and 1000 SPF! Our films help to protect your eyes, skin, and interior from the sun and protect against upholstery fading and cracking. 

Our films can often be confused with dyed "privacy glass" which are windows that appear dark- dyed from the manufactuer, but offer no protection whatsoever. Dyed glass comes stock on many new vehicles today. We can layer your privacy glass with clear to dark shades depending on your preference for added benefits.

Free Estimates

Free estimates and consultations on any auto, residential, or commercial job. For auto, call us Tue-Sat 7-5 at (808) 740-4400. For buildings- email us contact info, photos, and dimensions to and call us to let us know what type of film quote you would like.

Never Worry About Tickets

We make it a point to stay current and knowledgeable with all Auto Tinting Laws in the State of Hawaii. We have the most current metering equipment to ensure you are truly legal after the install. Your safety and lifetime satisfaction are our priority.  

3M Authorized Dealer

3M Prestige Dealer

Exclusive 3M Crystalline Dealer

Weathertech Diamond Dealer

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed