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Getting your windows tinted adds instant comfort and protection to your vehicle with significant heat reduction benefits, especially when you select the right film! Choose from our wide variety of premium films by 3M for the best in high performance tints at a great value. We are authorized dealers of the most stable, cutting-edge films on the market and are able to give you the best prices with no middle man. Our auto tinting installations come with a manufacturer-backed, complete lifetime warranty so you can choose Tint Masters Maui with confidence!

Your safety and lifetime satisfaction are our priority. We make it a point to stay current on all auto tinting laws in the State of Hawaii. Due to the evolution in film technology, you no longer need to get the darkest colored tints to receive the best cooling effects for your interior. Although most of our clients prefer to go dark, we also have clear films that outperform even the darkest tints from other competitors. 

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Tint Masters Maui Auto Tinting Product Options

Tint Masters Maui - Maui's Certified 3M Dealer | Maui's Exclusive 3M Crystalline Dealer


  • Affordable
  • Metallized Film; May Interfere with Electronics and Reception
  • Standard Film Quality Most Competitors Use
  • Doesn’t Last Long – Changes Colors, Fades, Peels, Bubbles, etc.
  • No Warranty

Starts at $229


  • A Step Above Basic. Won’t Change Colors or Fade; Long Lasting
  • 99% UV, 1000 SPF, Some Heat Reduction
  • Carbon Based, Non-Metallized Film; No Signal Interference
  • 2 Year 3M Warranty


  • Entry Level High-Performance Series with Infrared Technology (Better than Color Stable, but Not as Good as Crystalline)
  • Up to 63% Heat Reduction, 93% Glare Reduction
  • 99% UV Protection, 1000 SPF, Long Lasting
  • Nano-Ceramic, Non-Metallized Technology; No Signal Interference- 5G Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • The Ultimate in Comfort: Maximum Heat Reduction and Performance - 3M's Top Performing Tint Line with a Luxe Finish
  • Newest, Most Advanced Technology in the Industry - Maximum Benefits Without the Need to Alter the Appearance or Go Dark, a "Clear" Breakthrough
  • Spectrally Selective Film allows in Visible Light while Blocking out Heat Producing Rays
  • Up to 97% Heat Reduction, 77% Glare Reduction, with Enhanced Night Visibility
  • 99% UV Protection, 1000 SPF, Long Lasting
  • 200 layer Nano-Technology, Non-Metallized; No Signal Interference- 5G Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty
*3M Crystalline is exclusively carried at Tint Masters Maui - the island's only Authorized 3M Crystalline Dealer (beware of counterfeits)


  • Front Windshield Ceramic 86%: Specialty Ceramic Film for Front Windshields; is 100% Legal, Looks Clear, High Heat Rejection/UV/SPF, Long-Lasting
  • Front Windshield Crystalline 90%: is 100% Legal, ULTRA Clear, Has Enhanced Nighttime Visibility, Max Heat Rejection/UV/SPF, Long-Lasting
  • All Front Windshield Options are 100% Compliant with HI Tinting Laws. Guaranteed to Pass Safety Check; Legal is 70% or Higher; we carry 86% & 90%

*See product detail spec sheets below for more information. 

*Prices depend on the year, make, model, and other factors.

Hawaii Tinting Law Limits

Sedans: 35% is the darkest legal for the sides and back. Front Windshield can be tinted up to 80%. No restrictions for sunroof.

SUV's & Trucks: 35% is the darkest legal for the two front passenger windows. The back windshield, 2 back passenger windows, and sunroof have no legal restrictions and can be tinted as dark as you wish. Front windshield can be tinted with a 70% or higher (lighter). 

Front Windshield

Your Front Windshield is the largest and perhaps most important window in your vehicle to have tinted if heat reduction is a priority. It often requires the most skill and time to install due to the size and curvature of the glass. In Hawaii, windshield tinting is legal and embraced at 70% or greater - our 86% specialty front windshield tint is well above the legal limit so you are guaranteed to pass your safety check. After the installation process, we will meter your windshield to ensure you are compliant with all legal limits. You will then be enjoying maximum benefits from your entire vehicle! From a Safety perspective, our Specialty Windshield Tint can Reduce up to 93% of Glare, up to 97% of Heat, and helps to hold glass shards together in the event of an accident. Ask us more about our Front Windshield Tinting Options which are priced separately- starting at $250 for most vehicles. We also offer a SunVisor, also known as a "Tint Strip" at the very top of your front windshield for only $40 which can be any shade desired, with no legal shade restrictions. 

Learn more about our Top Auto Tint line: 3M Crystalline. Maximum heat rejection, cooling savings, and UV protection for auto windows:
Crystalline Rejects up to 97% of Heat, 1000+ SPF, and Blocks 99% UV Rays

See a demo of our 3M Crystalline auto tint series in action! Choose Crystalline when you want maximum heat rejection, cooling benefits, and UV protection for your eyes, skin, and leather auto interior:

3M Crystalline (Top performing tint line) vs 3M Color Stable (Mid-Grade option):

We carry many shades from 3% and 5% (blacked out) to 90% (lightest, appears clear) and everything in between! Here is a video showing the differences in various settings. See the tinting laws section above for more details.

Tinting Warranty and Aftercare Disclaimer: Please keep your emailed receipt and original warranty form to be eligible for your warranty. Misplaced receipts or warranty forms may result in a void in your warranty. Furthermore, failure to comply with aftercare instructions may also result in a void of your warranty. Please remember not to roll your windows up or down for a minimum of 2 days post installation. Refrain from touching the inside of your windows at all during this curing time as well. It is normal to see haze and air pockets during the first 2 days post installation while curing is occurring- this self-corrects with heat and time. Leave your car out in the sun to speed up this process. For the longest lasting result, do not to clean your windows with any abrasive products or chemicals once your new tints are installed.