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Getting your windows tinted adds instant comfort and protection to your vehicle with significant heat reduction benefits, especially when you select the right film! Choose from our wide variety of premium films by SunGard, Suntek, and Madico for the most high performance tints at a great value. We are authorized dealers of the most stable, high-tech films on the market and are able to give you the best prices with no middle man. All of our auto tinting installations come with a manufacturer-backed, complete lifetime warranty so you can choose Tint Masters Maui with confidence!

Your safety and lifetime satisfaction are our priority. We make it a point to stay current on all auto tinting laws in the State of Hawaii. Due to the evolution in film technology, you no longer need to get the darkest colored tints to receive the best cooling effects for your interior. Although most of our clients prefer to go dark, we also have clear films that outperform even the darkest tints from other brands. 

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Enjoy these great benefits when you get your vehicle tinted at Tint Masters Maui:
*Block out unwanted heat making your car interior much more comfortable
*99% UV protection and up to 90% heat rejection
*Reduce interior fading and prevents cracking of dashboard, leather seats, etc.
*Reduce glare from the sun and minimize eye strain
*Enjoy privacy from prying eyes during your commutes
*Increased safety; holds glass shards together in the event of an accident
*Field and lab tested under the worst weather conditions for efficacy
*Film will not bubble, peel, or fade
*Wide variety of shades and specialty film options including Night Vision, reflective, skylight, hazard, and bullet-proof
*Backed by a manufacturer insured lifetime warranty including labor
*100% satisfaction guaranteed